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Rental Guidelines:


St. Andrew's has many venues for holding your special event, meeting, or celebration, and we are happy to offer these as a ministry to our community! Please contact the parish office for more information. Meanwhile, feel free to look over some initial data about space rental at St. Andrew's:


Large-group/Collins Hall Rentals/Private Events

(Groups over 50 members, one time special event Use)


$600 per one-time use - Collins Hall

$150 Sexton Fee

$250 security deposit


Events in Collins Hall must end by 12:30am. This includes all cleaning and removal of personal items used for decorations or set up. After 12:30 an additional fee of $100.00 per hour for the Sexton will be charged and your security deposit will be forfeited.


The church does not provide plates, cutlery or linens. 


These rates do not include the use of other space in the building, other than bathrooms, or extensive cleaning costs. All or a portion of your security deposit may be forfeited if the building needs additional cleaning after your event.

Large/Small Group Ongoing Rentals

Groups over 50 members, multiple event use

Large for profit groups that use our facility for regularly scheduled events will pay a percentage of their income for the use of the space. Fee will vary according to space used and will be determined by the Rector. $100 per use cleaning fee will not apply.

Groups under 50 members reoccuring/regular meetings, dance groups, clubs or organazations, which further the outreach of St. Andrew's Church that do not generate a profit for the group. (Private parties see above: 12 step programs - see below)


$10 per one-time use of one room. Available rooms are the Multipurpose Room, Chapel, Classrooms. The parish room is available before 4:00pm to non church members with Rectors approval. The parish room is not available to non church members after 4:00pm

$25 per one-time use of Collins Hall


We have a limited amount of storage space that can be secured. If you are sharing space with another renter, do not move or rearrange their materials.

The church is not responsible for lost or stolen property.


Programs that do not further the outreach of St. Andrew's Church which generate a profit for the group.


$20 per one-time use of one room

$100 per one-time use of Collins Hall


12 Step Programs

A fee of .50 per person, per member, per meeting will be charged payable monthly. Group leaders will be responsible for tracking members and making payments to the office.  

For an application form, click here.

All rentals are subject to cancellation if a church event requires the use of the space. It is the responsibility of groups that meet repeatedly during the year to check the parish calendar by contacting Martha Holland at 452-9581. For funerals and any other unanticipated events, 24-hour notice will be provided when possible.


Please keep your contact information updated to help us communicate any changes.


Non 12 step programs: The church will not be available for rental Holy Week or the week before Christmas.

12 step programs must get approval from church office for meetings during these time periods.


A key to the church may be picked up in the office during the week your event is scheduled for a $25.00 refundable deposit.


Small Group, non-Collins Hall rental: You are expected to leave the room(s) clean and tidy, or in at least as good a condition as you find them. If upon arrival you find that your room is not clean, please notify the church representative with whom you arranged the rental. You may make arrangements in advance for our sexton to help you clean up. Our sexton is paid with a separate check. $100 – Sexton fee. The office will provide you with the name of the sexton working your event.


Large Group/Collins Hall rental: A down payment of one half of the rental fee ($300) must be made 30 days prior to the event and the balance paid any time in advance of the rental.  A security deposit of $250.00 is required upon submission of the rental agreement. If you would like our sexton to help set-up, break down or clean, and additional $150 will be required at this time as well. Set up or decorating for your event can be done the day of the event only. 


The Sanctuary is available with Rector approval for events deemed appropriate for the space. Fees, including cleaning and set up, will vary based on event scheduled.


All groups are required to carry liability insurance and must provide the church with documentation when submitting your rental agreement.

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