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St. Andrew's Wedding Policy


Congratulations as yourplan for your wedding celebration!


St. Andrew's is available for both opposite-gender and same-gender weddings. If you desire to be married at St. Andrew’s, please contact the Parish Office as soon as possible, but at least 60 days prior to the desired wedding date to arrange a meeting with the rector, Fr. Bill Parker. Ideally, the couple would begin the marriage preparation process over six months before the marriage. The canons of the Episcopal Church also give the priest in charge of a parish discretion whether or not to solemnize a wedding.

While all inquiries regarding marriage are invited, priority is given to members of the parish. We do rent the sanctuary and church space for weddings officiated by ministers of other denominations, but all marriages solemnized by Episcopal clergy are subject to the canons of the Episcopal Church.

Canon law requires that any couple wishing to be married in the Episcopal church meet with the clergy person or an approved counselor for pre-marriage counseling. At St. Andrew’s, the priest meets with the couple at least four times prior to the rehearsal. Sessions generally last between an hour and ninety minutes. These meetings will enable the clergy person to get to know the couple, to ensure the couple communicates effectively, to talk through important relationship issues, and finally, to plan the wedding. If the couple lives a considerable distance from Louisville, they may seek counseling through a local Episcopal clergy person or a pastoral counselor.

If you have been married previously, permission from the bishop of the Diocese of Kentucky is required. If you have been married twice, the canons of the church require professional pre-marriage counseling as well as the bishop’s permission. Please have the legal decree of divorce available. Also, recognize that more time may be needed to fulfill the canonical requirements if you have been previously married and allow at least 90 days.

Day of wedding: Please bring the marriage license to the church prior to the rehearsal. The wedding cannot take place without the license.




Saint Andrew’s wedding consultant is Gayle Axton. She is available to help you with details regarding our facility and will be glad to help with any of the non-sacramental details of your wedding. Contact information for Gayle:

(502) 458-3928 H
(502) 550-5913 C

The Service


The wedding is a service of worship in which a couple comes to

unite their lives in the eyes of God, and in the company of those

dearest to them.

The priest will lead the rehearsal and the marriage service. If you chose to have a bridal consultant, he/she will be subject to the church’s liturgical tradition and will not be expected to lead the rehearsal. St. Andrew’s clergy are not compensated for counseling of performing the marriage. A voluntary honorarium is requested paid directly to the priest.

The bridal party may dress in the church. St. Andrew’s bridal consultant will orient the bride and bridesmaids and the groom and groomsmen to where they can dress and prepare for the service. The party is welcome to bring food, non-alcoholic beverages, irons, ironing boards, etc., to their respective dressing rooms. Furniture in the Parish Room is not to be moved, and it is expected the rooms will be cleared following the service.

Music: The music for the wedding should be sacred, reflecting the worship service aspect of the ceremony. Popular music, love songs, etc., should be reserved for the reception. If couples desire a vocal solo or duet, St. Andrew’s staff includes professional vocalists, and the organist would be happy to make arrangements for their services. Professional instrumentalists may also be engaged in consultation with the organist. Any outside soloists should be professionals and approved by the music staff.

                                                                                                    Unity Candles are discouraged. The church space doesn’t                                                                                                           easily accommodate the use of such, without obstructing                                                                                                           the couple and it is not part of our tradition.

                                                                                                    White Aisle Runners are not allowed. They often tear or                                                                                                             bunch, and are difficult to manage.

                                                                                                    Altar and Flower Guilds: St. Andrew’s bridal consultant will                                                                                                         be happy to assist you in making arrangements for Holy                                                                                                             Eucharist and flowers with the parish’s altar guild and the                                                                                                         flower committee. Although the flower guild is not                                                                                                                       responsible for providing flowers, it can give guidance                                                                                                                 regarding the size of our vases and acceptable floral arrangements (i.e., large sprays in front of the altar are prohibited). With at least two-weeks advance notice, the Flower Guild may be able to provide two flower arrangements that will be used for the service on the following Sunday. If the requested flowers and arrangements exceed the Guild usual expense, the couple will be responsible for overages.

Altar and Church Decoration: Our candlesticks may be used as well as our candles but we do not provide new, unused candles. If you would prefer new candles, please borrow one of our candles and take it to Tonini’s to match the size. We also have glass hurricane candle shades that can be used, but candles must be provided by the bridal party.

Any decoration or pew marker (for families) attached to the pews must be easily removed without damaging the pew. No strong adhesives, nails, staples screws, etc.


The Reception


Collins Hall: We can offer a wonderful venue for wedding receptions. The hall is available for rent for a period of six hours following the service. This time includes cleanup and cannot exceed 11 p.m. The hall will be available the day before and the day of the wedding for set-up.

Caterers are expected to make arrangements with the church in advance and the kitchen should be used solely for warming. Alcohol can be served in accordance with local, state and federal laws and the Episcopal Church’s policy as detailed in the wedding agreement contract. The wedding host is responsible for ANYONE leaving the reception intoxicated.

Mrs. Axton has a list of caterers in the area, and will give out that information if asked.


Fees & Contract


A detailed list of fees to rent the facilities and engage the services of our clergy, organist, and sexton are found within the wedding agreement contract. Before the space may be reserved, a completed contract must be turned into the Parish Office along with the required deposit fee. Downloadable copies of the contract and the information on this page are found here.

We look forward to being a part of this special day for the couple and their families. These guidelines are meant to insure the solemnity and religious nature of the occasion.

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