Sunday Worship - Live

After a long COVID lockdown, we are returning to live worship.

Please read our reopening message from the Vestry.

For now we will have one Sunday service at 10:30 AM each week.


We are working on our live stream from the sanctuary.  You can follow our progress Sunday mornings by following this Zoom link:

If you have questions or would like additional information please contact us.

Loving God, 

Look with compassion upon your creatures who suffer under the weight of this pandemic.  Fill us with love toward our neighbor.  Deliver us from partisan motives as we strive for the common good.  And strengthen those who labor for our health.

Dwell in each of our hearts, strengthen our faith, fill us with love and kinship, and grant us your peace, that we may be one with you.


Blessing of the Animals
Recorded October 3, 2021