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Music at St. Andrews

The music ministry at St. Andrews has been excellent through its many decades. Worship led by our unique organ is inspirational, and it encourages our congregation to join in singing.

Our music leaders are excellent teachers who can open the way to musical worship to anyone who will take the time to join one of our three choirs. The music available here enriches our worship and allows the lessons in the prayers and scriptures to enter our souls through song.

The Music Program at St. Andrews Church includes several opportunities for serious music making and for having fun at the same time. We have a remarkable choir whose interests and abilities are truly outstanding. Our love of good music that fills our souls is the source that unites us. Our Chancel Choir has section leaders we can depend on for strong musical support and occasional solos, but it is our volunteers on whom we depend for strength and sustenance. We know singing is like any good exercise, the more you do, the better your soul is filled.

We consciously maintain a good mix of standard and seasonal repertoire that is within our grasp. In any given month we sing selections from plainsong chant through the Baroque choral tradition, on to Mozart and Haydn classics, through the strong Anglican tradition of the Wesleys, and right into contemporary giants of our day. In fact we use service music written just for us by our own organist, Marci Dickinson, in honor of our 150th anniversary year of ministry.

In addition to the "normal" Sunday worship leadership, we also enjoy our annual fall Jazz Sunday and our BlueGrass Sunday in the spring, lead by local professional instrumentalists who enjoy great reputations.


The Chancel Choir rehearses on Thursday night beginning at 7:30pm and is open to all high schoolers and adults with an interest in singing with us. We gladly welcome newcomers, on any basis, including seasonally. If your joy is in Christmas music or in Lenten or Eastertide music, one can join us for those rehearsals and services only.


The Taylor Bell Choir began in 1984 with a memorial gift of 3 octaves of Schulmerich handbells, which were given by Edith Taylor-Jones in memory of her son, Andrew Nitch-Smith. A fourth octave was added later. Our choir rehearses on Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. Our choir always needs more hands, either as substitutes or regular members, and is open and welcoming to all interested potential ringers.


Come, make a joyful Noise!

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